INTERVIEW with Alexandro Fratelli

INTERVIEW with Alexandro Fratelli

Throwback to Paris Fashion Week. Fashion Show Alexandro Fratelli. Fall/Winter 22/23 collection

PARIS. 4th March 2022 French label Alexandro Fratelli had a runway show and unveiled its new Fall/Winter 22/23 collection "War For Love.

The show held in the cultural centre "The Cent Quatre". As usually the show had a big success. The chic and classic with a gender-fluid touch looks won the public's heart.

Especially for our beloved readers, the designer Alexandro Fratelli agreed to answer a few questions.

24FashionTV: First of all let us thank you for inviting us for your amazing and very impressive show.

AF: Thank you for having honoured us with your presence!

24FashionTV: There is not much information about you in the internet. I am sure our readers would like to know more about you. Can you tell us few words about yourself?

AF: To explain where I came from, I will start by saying that I grew up in the 19th district of Paris, a place where fashion and creativity, at this time didn't have a place. I started my studies in the economic field and then continued in real estate, but I knew deep down that I couldnt thrive in this environment.

Once I got my degree, I choose to focus on what is really making my heart beat : fashion. So, in 2016, I have started a new journey and launched my brand Alexandro Fratelli,

accompanied by my best friend.

Not coming from a background related to fashion, my ambition and rigor had allowed myself to make my passion a reality. Im very thankful for my personal and professional experiences as they had allowed myself to establish the identity of my brand as it is today. Values it represents are very important to me. The House Alexandro Fratelli is hybrid, open-minded, accepts differences and claims it.

Also, the co-creation of the association "J'crire mon histoire" has enabled me to develop my sense of relationship, and continually allows me to spread what I believe in, that also resonated as the values of Alexandro Fratelli.

24FashionTV: Can you please tell us few words about the collection?

AF: War For Love is an evocation of the will to denounce violence, discrimination and racism.

A war for love, to appease a bruised and violent world. This collection was our war without weapons but with emotions and messages transmitted by the art of creating a style and non-gendered silhouettes.

24FashionTV: Where did you get your creativity from? What inspires you?

AF: At the House of Fratelli, we are inspired by everything... really everything. I get my ideas from watching movies, paintings, the people around me and their aura. Actually I don't really have a guideline that I follow to find inspiration. I get inspiration from everything, all the time, everywhere.

24FashionTV: Do you remember the first piece of clothing you have created?

AF: I designed my first garment when I was 17 years old. I was very inspired by the Italian fashion, it is where my nickname Alexandro came from.

24FashionTV: How would you describe your style?

AF: In two words, street couture. Mix of genres, mix of message, mix of style, hybrid universe.

24FashionTV: We know your clothes are very popular among the celebrities. Can you tell us with whom of them have you worked already?

AF: We worked with few different VIP clients and celebrities through out the years since the creation of the brand.

We started with French famous personalities like Gims, Moussa Diabi or MHD, and then we quickly seduce international celebrities such as Jason Derulo, French Montana, Maluma, Ozuna for their European tour.

And not to mentioned Georgina Ronaldo, Micheal Ward, or Fernando Lindez... for magazine covers

Recently we created some custom designed for Maluma Europe Tour's and also for El Hormiguero show.

24FashionTV: Has the digital age influenced you as a fashion designer? If yes then how?

AF: Absolutely, I would even say that it has a central place. It influences me despite myself, but I try to detach myself from it as much as possible.

24FashionTV: Do you get nervous before the unveiling your new collections?

AF: Oh yes, a lot, I think it's inevitable! The fear that it won't be liked, that the message won't be understood... A lot of fears, but now that the show is over all those fears have faded away. I got such good feedback, it's heartwarming.

24FashionTV: What do you feel when you see people wearing your clothes?

AF: Satisfaction, it makes me proud to see that the community is growing.

24FashionTV: Did you ever consider working for other brands?

AF: No, it's not something I was drawn to. From the beginning, I wanted to create a brand of clothing that would reflect my image, to convey my message.

24FashionTV: In your personal styling do you follow fashion trends or do you prefer your own style?

AF: My style is very casual chic!

24FashionTV: Can you give our readers some fashion tips about styling?

Don't be afraid of other people's looks and trust your fashion instincts.

24FashionTV: Can you wish us something?

AF: We hope to see you at our next show, and that if this collection spoke to you, the next one will speak to you more, we hope.

24FashionTV: Thank you very much for your interview! We are looking forward to seeing your new collections. We wish you a lot of inspiration and many devoted fans!

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By Fashion Editor 24FashionTV: Christina V Henningstad . Production: Fashionview