Hustle Butter Opens First Flagship Tattoo Gallery in Downtown Manhattan

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NEW YORK, Feb. 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Hustle Butter, the #1 artist-recommended tattoo aftercare brand, is thrilled to announce the opening of their flagship Tattoo Gallery in the SoHo area of downtown Manhattan at 132 Crosby Street. The Hustle Butter Tattoo Gallery is Hustle Butter’s mission come to life – a space where best-in class tattooing from the greatest artists in the industry merge with superior tattoo care products. Hustle Butter’s shop will offer a top-tier tattooing experience unlike those found in other private studios, while also giving artists a place to showcase their art collections. Hustle Butter Tattoo Gallery is the first of its kind, and will revolutionize the tattoo industry.

Hustle Butter Co-Founders, Seth Love and Richie Bulldog, have long been passionate about tattoos and are deeply intertwined within the tight-knit tattoo industry. The Hustle Butter Tattoo Gallery is a representation of their love and admiration for the industry that has forever shaped their lives, and a nod to the neighborhood and community where it all started.

As American artist Igor Babailov once said, “art is an international language, understood by all,” and at Hustle Butter, tattoos are not just body art – they are artistry in its highest forms. That’s why Hustle Butter has curated a diverse roster of the most elite and accomplished global artists who work with an array of styles and client preferences. Tattooing is personal yet universal, and Hustle Butter’s Tattoo Gallery is meant to showcase how these global artists are raising the bar of artistry.

“Tattoo artists are artists who happen to tattoo. We always dreamt of having an exclusive place to elevate tattooers to the proper artist ranking and show off the other medians that these artists use. Richie has spent a lot of time over the past 20 years curating a collection of artwork from our artists – oil paintings, watercolors, sculptures, etc. This new space is the product of that vision to exhibit the diverse works of the artists who inspire us,” says Seth Love, Hustle Butter Co-Founder.

After resounding success over the past few years, there was no better place for Hustle Butter to grow and pursue its passion for giving back to the community than downtown Manhattan. Hustle Butter Tattoo Gallery seemed like a natural fit within the SoHo community of artists and creatives. While Hustle Butter will bring in artists at the highest levels, they see this space as more than just a tattoo studio – it’s a showroom to display art in its many forms.

Tattoos are the most personal and intimate piece of art a person can collect. Tattoos by nature only live for the lifespan of the person wearing them. Giving the artist another platform to show their work allows their artistry to live on for centuries. This not only allows for longevity of their talents, but for enjoyment by the masses, as tattoos themselves are designed for the sole enjoyment of the client. Hustle Butter Tattoo Gallery gives artists a space to display their talents beyond tattooing,” says Richie Bulldog, Hustle Butter Co-Founder. 

The new Tattoo Gallery will feature Hustle Butter’s full collection of luxurious, 100% certified vegan and cruelty-free products, and offer consumers a white glove tattooing experience. With 10 stations in the gallery and 6-8 full-time resident artists, clients can make an appointment for everything from the smallest tattoo to much larger commitments. The Hustle Butter Tattoo Gallery will also have a rotating roster of renowned international artists who will be available for appointments at various times throughout the year.

Hustle Butter launched in 2012 and is designed to help tattoo collectors and artists alike enhance their artwork throughout the tattoo lifecycle. Hustle Butter differentiates itself from any other tattoo aftercare item on the market through their luxurious formulas that are multi-tasking, working both in-process and as aftercare. Their hallmark product, Hustle Butter Deluxe Tattoo Balm, can be used across the tattoo lifecycle: pre-process to moisturize the skin, creating a smoother canvas, in-process to help artists work more efficiently, during the healing process to keep fresh tattoos nourished, and long-term to keep tattoos revitalized and looking their best. Hustle Butter is just as good for existing tattoos as it is for fresh ones – perfecting the art of replenishing skin ‘n’ ink so tattoos can look and feel great every day, for life. Hustle Butter is for today, tomorrow, forever. The Hustle Butter lines include Deluxe Tattoo Balm, Deluxe Tattoo Balm with CBD, Bubbles Tattoo Soap, and Helper Tattoo Soap with Lidocaine.

The Hustle Butter Tattoo Gallery will be open Monday through Sunday 12-7pm beginning February 2024. Prospective clients can view the artist roster on the Hustle Butter Gallery Instagram account, and can make appointments via email at [email protected]. Walk-ins are also accepted. Hustle Butter is available for purchase in the US on,, and across the globe in tattoo shops worldwide.

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