Glidewell Launches Multi-Level Surgical Guides

New "stackable" surgical guides from the company's Digital Treatment Planning (DTP) service help simplify full-arch implant treatment

Glidewell Launches Multi-Level Surgical Guides

New \"stackable\" surgical guides from the company's Digital Treatment Planning (DTP) service help simplify full-arch implant treatment

Glidewell announced today that its Digital Treatment Planning department is now offering multi-level surgical guides to help doctors more efficiently provide full-arch implant treatment and immediate provisionalization. With these new surgical guides, clinicians will be able to predictably reduce bone, place full-arch implants, and deliver an immediate fixed screw-retained provisional for fully edentulous patients in just one streamlined visit. 

Dentists who desire a fully guided surgical procedure for their full-arch cases can digitally upload their scans via Glidewell's DTP portal. The DTP team then develops a treatment plan that is reviewed and approved by the doctor prior to the surgical appointment. This restorative-driven approach ensures that the implants are positioned in the precise locations needed for the desired restoration, and a fixed screw-retained provisional prosthesis is provided for doctors who wish to immediately load the implants at the time of surgery.

This service joins Glidewell's comprehensive line of digital treatment planning solutions, including tooth-, tissue- and bone-supported surgical guides. "With this new addition to our line of guided surgery products, doctors can confidently perform what has traditionally been a very complex surgical procedure," said Darius Raudys, general manager of the Implant department at Glidewell. "Our goal, as always, is to serve as a complete provider of surgical and restorative implant solutions, and to help dentists execute a prosthetically driven treatment plan that results in a predictable, esthetic outcome."

Glidewell's DTP service leverages the expertise of the most technologically advanced dental lab in the U.S. to help dentists simplify implant treatment and expand the implant services performed in the general practice. With over two million cases restored, Glidewell has the experience to determine where implants should be placed to ensure a predictable restorative outcome while saving chair time and maximizing the safety of the surgical procedure.

Multi-level surgical guides streamline full-arch implant treatment through interchangeable components that are used for bone reduction procedures, the drilling of osteotomies, the placement of implants and the fabrication of a fixed immediate provisional — all in one package. Advanced 3D treatment planning software allows for precise fabrication of each component of the surgical guide. Beginning with a foundation guide that is mounted to the arch for the entire procedure, doctors can reduce the bone to a predetermined level. Subsequent guides are then attached to the foundation guide as needed to perform the osteotomies, placement of multi-unit abutments and pick-up of the titanium cylinders used to connect the immediate provisional prosthesis to the implants.

"These new guides will ultimately make it so more dentists are able to provide one of the most life-changing forms of implant treatment to patients," said Founder and President, Jim Glidewell. "Our mission is to increase patient access to premium dental services through improved quality, convenience and cost-effectiveness. The fully edentulous have the most to gain from implant treatment, and our new multi-level surgical guides will help more dentists provide effective care for this important patient population."

Multi-level surgical guides will be offered in various package tiers to suit the needs of each doctor and restoration case. For more information on Glidewell's DTP service, surgical guides and pricing, visit or call 866-497-3692.

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