From 3D fever to modern nostalgia: Freepik defines Visual Trends for 2024

MÁLAGA, Spain, Feb. 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Freepik, the global tech company and world’s largest platform for audio-visual resources, has just presented its Visual Trends 2024 report, a comprehensive guide to the evolving landscape of design.

With a team of over 800 freelance designers and 52,000 contributors, the company offers over 270 million assets. More than 100 million users rely on Freepik’s tools to search for assets for their designs, enabling the company to identify key insights that will shape the visual trends of 2024.

The design world experienced an influx of new trends in 2023, with “artificial intelligence” emerging as the defining player. Last year, Freepik generated more than 1 million AI images per month. Later, the company introduced Pikaso, a platform that enables real-time creation by combining a prompt with a sketch using the drawing tool provided in the interface. This year, Freepik has anticipated fifteen trends, some of which are already making their first appearances in various formats.

In 2024, a prominent trend is the widespread integration of 3D across visual elements, spanning objects, textures, and typography. While the previous year saw the rise of the 3D effect in Adobe Illustrator, 2024 signifies a new era where 3D takes innovative forms in various formats. The “Liquid 3D Fonts” trend makes words flow dynamically, while “3D Glow” combines shapes with lighting effects for depth and brightness.  3D also appears in abstract compositions that incorporate holographics to create dynamism.

The visual landscape of 2024 embraces nostalgic elements like “Reminiscent of Art Nouveauand “Old Engraving” in contemporary design, evoking timeless elegance with curved lines and fine engravings. Nature-inspired “Florals and Botanicals” celebrate the beauty of the natural world with soft tones.

In a resurgence, the “Collage” technique blends photographs, cutouts, and typography for visually eclectic pieces. “Cartoon Style” embraces vibrant colors and contrasts, while “Neobrutalism” reinterprets 1950s principles with unique typography and bold elements.

This year consolidates trends from 2023, converging “Chrome Effect” and “Glassmorphism” for a futuristic design ethos. The Y2K aesthetic and translucent elements yield multi-layered, bold designs. “Grainy gradient” is applied to give a retro feel to creations.

Freepik has compiled all these trends with examples of their applications in all areas of design. The Visual Trends 2024 report provides a roadmap for designers to navigate these overarching trends, encouraging creative exploration and innovative storytelling in the year ahead.

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