Emergency Medical Services Near Disney World

iQuanti: It's no stretch to say that amusement parks are their own world. Their visitors often enjoy larger-than-life thrill rides, adrenaline and sugary sweets, and the many themes that make each park a unique experience. And while Dinsey World® might be where dreams come true, that doesn't mean these titans of entertainment are free from shortcomings.

The boilerplate messages outside of rollercoasters describing the risks to pregnant women and those with heart disease are necessary warnings for some of the more real dangers at these amusement parks. Many of the tamer rides still pose a risk to people with epilepsy and others who are light-sensitive. In 2021, one man even lost his perfect smile when a false tooth shot out of his mouth from the force of a slingshot ride. Hopefully, it won't come to this for you or one of your loved ones, but if you're visiting Disney World® and need a doctor or dentist, Orlando is full of specialists who can help you in a hurry.

Aid On-Site

The first group of emergency responders to be notified of a fire or injury are the team hired by Orlando's Disney World®. Understanding that the complex is massive and emergencies can happen at any moment, executives at Disney World® thought it was prudent to provide these services. Not only does doing so help people faster but these professionals are also trained to navigate the park safely while still performing emergency work.

Cosmetic Procedures

Of the injuries a person can face in their lives, many wouldn't consider eyebrow modifications and breast augmentation to be emergency services. With that said, cosmetic procedures cover many more practical procedures in case of an emergency. Ranging from chin and lip surgery to dentures and veneers, being able to visit an outpatient specialist in case of a traumatic accident can help you save precious moments otherwise waiting in a hospital or urgent care facility.

Emergency Rooms

The emergency room is the only place to go in the worst incidents. Not only does Orlando have several hospitals, each of these facilities are expertly staffed to help treat emergencies of all kinds. If an incident should occur in the park, the on-site emergency medical services (EMS) team is trained to provide as much care as they can while racing you to the emergency room. In any case, you will receive excellent quality care — people committed to trying their hardest to perform life-saving techniques and preventative care measures — from a slew of professionals from the onset of the emergency until the dust settles.

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