CUTV News Welcomes Kaitlyn Kenealy of Kenealy Counseling & Mental Health LLC

CUTV News announced today it will feature Kaitlyn Kenealy in its exclusive one-on-one interview with host Jim Masters.

Kaitlyn Kenealy is a passionate mental health professional who has dedicated her career to helping others find clarity and self-motivation. After completing her undergraduate degree and another master's degree in different areas, Kaitlyn obtained a Master's Degree in Community and Mental Health Counseling. Through her own personal journey, Kaitlyn explored the stigma of mental health and different approaches to therapy and emotional well-being. Kaitlyn takes a unique, personal approach to therapy, one that is community-focused and relatable. She reaches out to people through her podcast, Teatime with the Psychos, and her book, Healing is Messy AF. In the book, Kaitlyn combines her personal experiences with case studies and professional therapy instruction. She also recently took part in an hour-long interview with Jim Masters, which is full of laughter and insight into her unique approach.

Kaitlyn has been recognized for her work with numerous awards, including Woman of Achievement and Top Psychotherapist of the Year. She has treated patients as young as four and specializes in PTSD, depression, anxiety, trauma, and death and the grieving process. Kaitlyn is licensed in Wisconsin and works to help people make positive changes in their lives and grow. Through her website and social media channels, Kaitlyn is able to extend her reach and share her message.

Visit Kaitlyn's website,, to learn more about Kaitlyn's mission and her work, to order a signed copy of her book, or to link to one of her podcasts. You can also see additional videos by searching her name on

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