Award-winning whisky brand, Crown Royal, launches long-term creative relationship with Solange Knowles for Saint Heron, with limited-edition prestige flavored whisky launch and support for artist’s debut handblown glassware collection

NEW YORK, May 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Award-winning whisky brand, Crown Royal, has introduced a multi-pronged, bold new partnership with multidisciplinary artist, Solange Knowles for Saint Heron, to debut the brand’s newest limited-time offering – Crown Royal Golden Apple Aged 23 Years. With the launch of Crown Royal Golden Apple, the brand is providing a new flavored luxury offering that will challenge the conventional luxury category and revolutionize the way consumers think about prestige whisky. 

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Crown Royal and loyal brand adorer, Solange, will host a series of events that showcase their unique synergy and champions amazing flavors and creative visions, like those behind Golden Apple. The brand and Solange will kick things off in New York with the debut of Saint Heron’s first collection of hand-blown glassware at the opening reception of the creative group’s screening of “A House is not a Home.” The video captures the conversation of the spirit of objects and the lives they take on. Crown Royal Golden Apple will be served throughout the night from the glassware as guests will have the opportunity to taste and explore the liquid and learn about the inspiration and creative process behind the glassware collection.

“Crown Royal represents the same values of quality, craftsmanship and innovation that we create at Saint Heron. I admire their legacy of creating and influencing cultural iconography, as it is something that is always at the forefront of my creative process,” the renowned creative, Solange Knowles shares. “Together, we are creating something truly unique and unexpected, that embodies the creative spirit of Saint Heron to push the boundaries of what’s possible.”

The launch will also be supported with an upcoming co-branded Crown Royal Golden Apple x Solange Knowles event where creative tastemakers and whisky connoisseurs will be invited to join in a full sensory experience to savor the rich, complex notes of the innovative new liquid. The invite-only event will be hosted in Houston, the hometown of Knowles, in a luxurious setting that fully captures the essence of Golden Apple

As guests experience the new liquid, they’ll be transported to a world of luxury and indulgence in a transcendent convergence of music, art, food, and culture. This extraordinary collaboration unveils a breathtaking fusion of larger-than-life audiovisual installations that will explore the profound connection between culture, gold, and music. From its ethereal artistic significance to its symbolic representation of power, wealth, and corruption, this multiscreen installation will create a captivating backdrop for the remarkable launch of Golden Apple

Golden Apple is an expression of the meticulous craftsmanship Crown Royal is known for. The exquisite blend of whiskies aged 23 years and the taste of golden delicious apples, paired with decadent notes of creamy vanilla, toasted oak and cinnamon – comes together in a display of bold richness that deserves its own spotlight.

This release goes beyond the prestige flavor profile and stretches its innovation all the way to the captivating bottle. Starting mid-June, consumers will also be introduced to an unprecedented multi-sensory augmented reality experience synced to music that will stimulate their senses via QR code found on the bottle. The groundbreaking audio-reactive enhanced reality (ER) experience creates an immersive journey that allows consumers to enter a visual world crafted by Golden Apple that is amplified by the power of music. With two dynamic modes to choose from, consumers can tap into their creativity in ‘creator mode,’ constructing a personal world where visuals harmonize with the soundscape, or opt for the ‘party mode,’ witnessing the AR universe pulsate in real-time synchronization with the music of their choice. 

“This disruptive new liquid offering is a result of a shared commitment to innovation and creativity that speaks to our fans that have been patiently waiting for an evolution of Regal Apple,” says Hadley Schafer, Director of Crown Royal Whisky. “Launching a partnership with an artist like Solange Knowles brings the expertise of a leading whisky brand and the fresh perspective and vision of a creative trailblazer who routinely pushes artistic boundaries together in such an authentic manner. We are excited to continue creating tasteful, groundbreaking experiences following this launch.”

Crown Royal’s partnership with Solange will continue into early 2024 and will highlight new innovations, brand heritage and celebrate the rich history and tradition that has made it one of the most respected and beloved whiskies in the industry.

Crown Royal Golden Apple Aged 23 Years will hit shelves on June 1st and is paired with a bespoke golden bottle in an iconic suede-finished Crown Royal bag and collector’s box. The limited-edition blend has an ABV of 40% and will be available at a suggested retail price of $249.99 for a 750mL bottle. Learn more about Crown Royal Golden Apple HERE.

Enjoyed neat or on ice, it’s the perfect way for our 21+ drinkers to mark those moments of celebration and accomplishment.

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