ClubNFT Announces Avalanche Support & zeroone Integration

ClubNFT is rolling out support for additional chains and L2s over the coming weeks by popular demand

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., Dec. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ClubNFT, the leader in NFT collection management and protection tools, today announced support for Layer 2s and additional blockchains, starting with Avalanche, the smart contracts platform that scales infinitely and regularly finalizes transactions in less than one second.

The company also announced an integration with marketplace zeroone, the fast-growing and revered cultural distribution and discovery engine built on Avalanche. zeroone’s rapid rise amidst the bear market brought attention to the Avalanche chain and prompted ClubNFT to expand support beyond base Ethereum and Tezos. To celebrate the integration, ClubNFT is offering all zeroone collectors three free months of service, including NFT protection & backup. Starting today, users can quickly download and backup all Avalanche & zeroone NFTs by signing up at

Ludovica Rosi, co-founder of zeroone, says “zeroone allows NFT creators and collectors with no crypto experience to easily join the movement. ClubNFT’s backup service complements our mission to deliver a high-quality user experience and enables our community members to be stewards of their artwork and best preserve their NFTs.”

Chris King, co-founder and CTO of ClubNFT, explains: “The new support for additional chains and zeroone is a vital next step for ClubNFT, and the NFT community more broadly. As the ecosystem matures, more and more infrastructure is being built to take advantage of the benefits that L2s and alternative blockchains can offer. zeroone is a great example of this –– while other platforms are shuttering or scaling back during the crypto winter, zeroone is able to leverage the low transaction fees and scaling properties of the Avalanche chain to enable a new, zero-cost, ‘create to collect’ economy.”

ClubNFT’s services include:

  • Backup – cloud hosted and local backups of off-chain NFT media files, eliminating third-party dependencies for full NFT self-custody in the face of marketplace shutdowns.
  • Pinning – ensures uninterrupted NFT accessibility on marketplaces and dApps, enabling trade and sales of NFTs even during marketplace shutdowns and ecosystem emergencies.
  • Discovery – highlighting up-and-coming artists and with a focus on expanding collectors’ horizons beyond the already-popular, ClubNFT’s Pathfinder tool makes it easy to find new Tezos-based art in a way that reinforces your individual collecting style, rather than following the herd.

About ClubNFT

Founded in 2021, ClubNFT enables NFT collectors to download a backup of their NFTs to their own computer, protecting the NFTs from marketplace dependency and ensuring their safety and longevity no matter what may happen in the future. CEO Jason Bailey (AKA Artnome) has been an important thought leader in the NFT space ever since he announced the arrival of the blockchain art market in 2017. Jason believes that, for NFTs to reach their full potential, the industry needs to go beyond marketplaces and start building the infrastructure and tools of the future. ClubNFT’s mission is to build the next generation of NFT solutions to help collectors discover, protect, and share digital assets. For more information:

About zeroone

Founded by Ludovica Rosi and Colborn Bell, zeroone is a cultural distribution engine that enables individuals to create, collect, and connect. It is known for its artist-and-collector-first approach and smooth UX. zeroone was incubated by Colborn and Ludovica’s Digital Art Consulting Group, which was founded in 2021 and specializes in project development, consulting, and advisory for digital art in the NFT market.


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