Chike Nutrition is Adding to ‘The Most Wonderful Time of the Year’

Chike Mocha Mint Protein Iced Coffee is back!

Chike Mocha Mint Protein Iced Coffee

20g of whey protein, 2 shots of real espresso, only 1 gram of sugar.

ABILENE, Texas - November 9, 2022 - (

Many say it's 'the most wonderful time of the year' and Chike Nutrition customers would have to agree. Chike Nutrition is ringing in the holidays and bringing cheer with the return of their most popular and requested seasonal flavor, Chike Mocha Mint Protein Iced Coffee. Although Chike Mocha Mint Protein Iced Coffee is available online starting Nov. 8 and in over 500 locations nationwide, it is sure to sell out quickly.

This flavor is refreshing, balanced and has a true chocolate mint flavor reminding you of that cookie in a silver sleeve. The smell of smooth mint hits first, followed by sweet chocolate notes with mint to balance, and a mid-level sweetness finish. Better yet, each serving is packed with 20 grams of non-GMO whey protein, 150mg of caffeine, and only 1 gram of sugar and 110 calories. A truly healthy option that doesn't compromise on taste.

A verified purchaser from last year named Heidi left a 5-star review stating, "This is the best flavor I've ever had. I need to stock up on 10 more bags since it's a limited edition flavor!!! I love it!!!!" Clearly, Chike Nutrition's customers are obsessed with Chike Mocha Mint Protein Iced Coffee.

Chike Mocha Mint Protein Iced Coffee takes the place of your sugary drive-thru coffee and is the ideal breakfast booster, healthy snack, or afternoon pick me-up. If you're looking for extra holiday cheer, adding Chike Mocha Mint protein coffee powder into recipes easily enhances delicious treats, making them a healthier choice.

"There's an extra layer of excitement from our customers this holiday season because of the return of our Chike Mocha Mint Protein Iced Coffee. We launched this seasonal flavor for the first time last year and we couldn't keep up with the demand. Since then, our customers have constantly made requests for it to be a permanent flavor, so much so that we made extra this year! Don't let an iced coffee drink during the cold weather keep you from trying Chike Mocha Mint Protein Iced Coffee. Grab a bag (or two) while you can and see what all of the hype is about. You won't be disappointed!", said Mac Mascorro, Brand Manager of Chike Nutrition.

It's time to put on your mittens and try this seasonal Protein Iced Coffee that is sure to bring you cheer!


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