Chengdu Hi-tech Zone Jiaozi Avenue Metaverse District Opens on the 1st Day of the New Year

CHENGDU, China, Jan. 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On the evening of January 1st, amid the footfalls of the New Year, a dream-like welcoming performance was showcased on Jiaozi Avenue in Chengdu Hi-tech Zone, signifying the official opening of the Metaverse District on Jiaozi Avenue with the full integration of digital technology and consumption scenarios.

Commencing at 8 o’clock on that evening, the Tianfu Twin Towers, organizers coordinated lights from the building complexes on both sides of Jiaozi Ring and Jiaozi Avenue to stage a 360 degrees immersive and integrated sound-photoelectric themed light show. A total of over 400 New Year wishes from Chengdu citizens were scrolled in turn on the Twin Towers this year, exhibiting the citizens’ aspirations of striving and taking great strides towards the future.

It is worth highlighting that the virtual human “Nishang” developed by a local digital technology company in Chengdu Hi-tech Zone also made its debut at this event. Synchronized with the real scene of the on-site light show, and using the “Yuanyou” app, citizens and tourists enjoyed the graceful dancing of “Nishang” under the Twin Towers and the wonderful singing performance through their mobile screens. Captivated by the impressive festival atmosphere, many participants were seen dancing to the rhythm of music. Citizen Mr. Zhang said: “The aesthetically pleasing light show and the technology-driven virtual human performance have complemented the festive atmosphere with a sci-fi experience.”

In addition to the wonderful performances brought by the virtual human “Nishang” citizens and tourists on Jiaozi Avenue can see the locality’s AR street view in by using the “Yuanyou” app and scanning the surrounding buildings. For instance, visitors can appreciate the huge graffiti creations of young artists by pointing the mobile phone screen at the Jiaozi Ring, where graffiti works and corresponding introductions will automatically change at regular intervals, enabling users to enjoy the appeal and creativity of youth trends and arts while standing in just one spot without the need to move around. While exploring Jiaozi Avenue through AR navigation, one can easily find businesses along the route in an interactive and gamified manner. By taking on and completing “missions”, users are naturally guided to visiting the stores and given such rewards as business coupons, so as to boost consumption.

In this launch event, Chengdu Cultural Equity Exchange has undertaken cooperation with artists in confirming the digital asset rights for onboarding the artistic works. In the future, digital assets of artists can be sold through the Chengdu Cultural Equity Exchange’s online platform, and be bound with the interests of physical property (such as merchandises derived from one such property).

A relevant person in charge of the Chengdu Hi-tech Zone explained that the “transformation” of Jiaozi Avenue is an important attempt in leveraging metaverse to empower brick-and-mortar entities. By expanding the digital space based on the traditional commercial space and exploiting the key technologies of metaverse, steps have been taken to give rise to a brand new Jiaozi Avenue while concurrently driving surrounding merchants to form new business exposure and monetization paths, so as to encourage on-site consumption. In the future, by relying on the establishment of Metaverse District, Jiaozi Avenue will continue to hold a diverse range of integrated digital and physical experience activities.

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Caption: At the site of the light show on Jiaozi Avenue, Chengdu Hi-tech Zone

Caption: Tourists amazed by the AR street view of Jiaozi Avenue using their mobile phones

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