Charcoal Introduces the Future of Work: Award-Winning Intelligent Desk Boosts Productivity and Encourages Mindfulness

Reimagining the Workspace with the Perfect Blend of
Neuroscience, Design, and Functionality

SAN FRANCISCO, May 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, premium consumer electronics brand Charcoal announces the launch of its award-winning Charcoal Desk, a standing desk featuring revolutionary productivity technology in an iconic design.

Based on three years of pioneering research, the desk boosts productivity by suggesting breaks during the brain’s restorative periods. These are intervals when the brain is wired to recharge and eliminate metabolic waste. While previous research has shown that regular breaks help in reducing stress, breaks taken during these healing windows are far more beneficial, essentially “resetting the brain”. They are as effective for productivity as two extra hours of sleep. The desk tailors recovery using factors such age, gender, sleep data, and wake-up time, and presence sensors that monitor work durations.

“The desk essentially helps us use our brain the way it’s designed to function and this profoundly affects our daily living,” said Charcoal’s CEO and co-founder Arjun Ashok. “It has a similar impact on mental well-being as regular exercise or maintaining a balanced diet, but without any of the struggles involved.”

Users can download the companion app designed to work in tandem with the desk. The app provides a personalized daily energy graph and access to a library of resources on the underlying science. It also fosters healthy habits through intelligent notifications such as context-aware break suggestions based on the time of the day.

The Charcoal Desk is a fusion of sophisticated design and advanced technology. Its innovative interface features a discreet, minimalistic dot of light, paired with gentle haptic feedback to subtly communicate vital information about the user’s mental state and optimal break times. The tabletop is crafted through precision CNC milling and topped with Crystal Acrylic, a beautiful material that blends elegance and resilience. With other design elements such as bespoke silicone molded buttons and top-notch motors and columns from Denmark, the Charcoal Desk is also one of the most luxurious standing desks available today.

The desk is offered in two sizes. Pricing starts at $1,199, including shipping and tax. Every desk comes with a thirty-day trial period plus free access to the companion app. For more information or to order your own Charcoal Desk, visit

About Charcoal:
Charcoal is creating a new class of consumer electronics by reimagining everyday products. It’s dedicated to unlocking the potential of objects that have remained unchanged for centuries, crafting state-of-the-art devices that profoundly enrich our lives.

Launched in 2020, Charcoal’s inaugural product is the Charcoal Desk, winner of the 2021 Red Dot Award. Featuring advanced productivity technology, pioneering design, and a distinctive light-based user interface, the desk is Charcoal’s take on the future of furniture.

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