Card Mafia Shines at Anime North with Extraordinary Playing Card Collection and Collaborations with Marvel and One Piece

TORONTO, June 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – Card Mafia, the exclusive playing card vendor at the May 2023 Anime North event, captivated thousands of attendees with their extraordinary selection. Their exceptional designs and partnerships with renowned brands like Marvel and One Piece have made their playing card collection a resounding success. Card Mafia has consistently achieved remarkable accomplishments on the global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, surpassing funding goals by an impressive average of 2000% over the past 5 years.

Card Mafia, a top 1% Canadian Shopify store, is renowned for their innovative playing card design and packaging. Their success on Kickstarter led to collaborations with major companies like Disney and Toei Animations. They created Marvel-themed superhero cards with illuminating boxes and anime-inspired One Piece cards. These affordable collectibles were instant hits at Anime North, Toronto’s premier anime convention.

“What makes Card Mafia truly stand out is our unwavering commitment to innovation and our passion for creating unforgettable experiences,” said Kevin Yu, a 25-year-old magician and the founder of Card Mafia. “We will continue to push the boundaries of playing card design, blending technology, creativity, and a touch of magic to deliver exceptional and high-quality products,” he added.

Card Mafia keeps their customer base engaged and returning for more by introducing new playing card designs each month. Their commitment to innovative designs, top quality, and prompt delivery has garnered over 1000 five-star reviews. “We will also continue launching Kickstarter campaigns, promising even more extraordinary and innovative playing card designs that are sure to captivate the market,” stated Yu.

Customer reviews provide compelling evidence of Card Mafia’s popularity. Numerous customers have expressed their delight, emphasizing how the products exceeded their expectations with stunning designs and excellent paper quality. One Spider-Man fan remarked, “Seeing the villains’ art on the cards and the various iterations of Spider-Man is absolutely awesome. The glossy cards feel amazing, and the box itself is an impressive showpiece on the shelf.” Another satisfied customer shared, “The creative back design for One Piece, the court cards depicting the Straw Hat crew, and the deck’s finish and handling make it perfect.”

Card Mafia’s innovative playing cards have gained attention worldwide, earning accolades from enthusiasts, collectors, and gamers. Industry experts recognize their unique designs and exceptional craftsmanship, solidifying their position at the forefront of the playing card industry.


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