Break the Silence; New Intensive Online Program to Help PTSD, Trauma and Anxiety

5 Week Intensive Online Program to Help With Relief From PTSD, Anxiety and Stress for Those Who've Experienced Trauma

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Purple Heart Behavioral Health LLC, a premier telepsychology trauma service, announced today an innovative program for PTSD, Anxiety and Stress treatment. The program is a 5-week intensive online program that includes various treatments that have scientific empirical evidence to be effective in treating PTSD, anxiety and stress. 

This innovative new online program offers treatments that have been scientifically shown to be effective in helping people overcome these difficulties. Clinically proven treatments delivered conveniently through telepsychology services bridges rural/urban gaps where resources are sparsely available making quality care accessible to those who need it most regardless of geographical limitations. A compassionate response addressing needs unmet until now.

These therapies include Eye Movement Desensitization Processing (EMDR), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Program participants are treated in both individual and group sessions via HIPAA compliant video. Additional psychoeducational videos augment treatment to ensure participants have an opportunity to deeply learn skills and methods taught and used during the program. 

Participants may receive treatment in 31 US states from the comfort of their home, office or hotel with a laptop or tablet. Meeting online prevents obstacles such as driving in traffic, home responsibilities, and confidentiality. Research indicates similar efficacy for face to face and video therapy. 

To date, the Founder of Purple Heart Behavioral Health LLC has guided 100s of people to include military members, Veterans, and civilians through their healing journey. This program will allow more people to gain healing quicker than traditional therapy. Each week builds upon the next with participants attaining new skills, releasing maladaptive behaviors, and gaining functioning all while processing traumatic events that may have caused the symptoms. 

"It is with great happiness and genuine excitement that we announce the launch of Purple Heart's online intensive program," said Dr. Angela Kenzslowe, Psychologist and founder of Purple Heart Behavioral Health LLC.  "Our mission is to help people get back in the fight of life faster. This is innovative, on cutting edge, and definitely needed." 

Says Dr. Kenzslowe: "PTSD and anxiety has become such a crisis in our country, we need to have ways to reach the most people in the quickest way possible. This online program is part of the solution." 


Purple Heart Behavioral Health LLC was founded by Dr. Angela Kenzslowe in 2016. She is an Army Veteran and was later trained by the Department of Defense to treat trauma, anxiety, stress, and other mental health challenges. The company's focus is to provide ethical, evidence-based treatment to those who suffer from PTSD, anxiety and stress while enabling patients to be in their most comfortable space such as home or office. 

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