Blue Goat Cyber Develops Simple Cybersecurity Packages to Help SMBs Cost-Effectively Stop Cybercrime

Blue Goat's simple bundled cybersecurity offerings (crawl, walk, and run packages) are based on an organization's cybersecurity maturity level and Blue Goat's experience effectively reducing cybersecurity risk.

Blue Goat Cybersecurity Packages

Blue Goat's Cybersecurity Bundled Offerings

Blue Goat Cyber, a veteran-owned cybersecurity services provider, announced its new Cybersecurity Packages (Crawl, Walk, and Run). These cybersecurity bundles simplify cybersecurity for SMBs. Organizations can choose a package based on their cybersecurity maturity level, budget, and compliance needs.

"Our aim is to prevent cybercrime against SMBs, which are vital to our economy. Cybersecurity is often confusing, costly, and ineffective. Blue Goat's Cybersecurity Packages are simple, cost-effective, and proven," says Christian Espinosa, CEO at Blue Goat Cyber.

Features and benefits of Blue Goat's Cybersecurity Packages include:

  • Coverage of the three primary attack surfaces: external environment, internal environment, and company staff
  • Each package includes penetration testing, phishing, wireless testing, and more
  • A Remediation Validation Test (RVT) is included to ensure that identified gaps are closed
  • Each package can be performed remotely, eliminating travel costs and client time commitments

Blue Goat's Cybersecurity Packages are available immediately and start at $7750. 

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About Blue Goat Cyber

Blue Goat Cyber is your trusted cybersecurity partner. Our purpose is simple - to make your organization secure. Our cybersecurity services serve this purpose. We're small enough to take real pride in each and every job we do and agile enough to take on projects of all sizes. We are always up for a challenge. We take pride in bringing order to chaos and tangible results to difficult circumstances. We realize cybersecurity is probably not the main focus of your business and is often viewed as a "necessary evil." We are not a "one-and-done" company. We value long-term relationships where we help you protect your data.

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