Black Book Research Names Infinx Healthcare as a Top 10 Vendor for RCM Software and Shortlists Their Predictive Analytics & Robotic Process Automation for 2023

Infinx Healthcare is named a Top 10 Vendor for RCM Software and is Shortlisted for their Predictive Analytics and Robotic Process Automation.

The healthcare IT research firm Black Book Research has named Infinx Healthcare as a top 10 Vendor for the Revenue Cycle Management Software and shortlisted them for End-to-End RCM Software and Predictive Analytics & Robotic Process Automation for 2023.

Black Book Research surveyed 1,100 health system financial managers on their experiences using revenue cycle management software solutions. Their team of analysts looked at customer satisfaction, performance, return on investment and more. 

Their research identified Infinx among the top 10 RCM software solutions for large hospitals and organizations and shortlisted them for small to midsize hospital chains. Infinx was also shortlisted for their Predictive Analytics & Robotic Process Automation for 2023.

According to Black Book Research methodology, top-10-ranked vendors and advisors must have a minimum of five unique clients represented. Broad categories require:

  • Minimum of 20 unique client ballots
  • Vendors, associates, consultants and advisors with over 20 unique client votes are eligible for top-10 rankings and are assured to have highest confidence and lowest variation. 
  • Confidence increases as more organizations report on their outsourcing vendor. 
  • Data reported in this form are shown with a 95 percent confidence level (within a margin of 0.25, 0.20 or 0.15, respectively).

Infinx Healthcare is a leading technology-enabled revenue cycle solutions provider. Earlier this year, it was also recognized as a Sample Vendor for a second year in a row for Intelligent Prior Authorization in the Gartner Hype Cycle for US Healthcare Payers in 2023.

Jaideep Tandon, Chairman and CEO of Infinx, said this industry-wide recognition will help healthcare providers with due diligence as they begin researching technologies for their next investment cycle. “This survey results from feedback from hospitals and CIOs who have worked with Infinx or have heard about us from their peers. They know what works and doesn’t work, so these recommendations matter,” says Tandon.

Infinx was recognized in two categories for RCM software and in one category for Predictive Analytics & Robotic Process Automation for its deep industry expertise, scalable processes and technology for revenue cycles.

Infinx’s Healthcare Revenue Cloud platform leverages a suite of customizable solutions that cover the entire revenue cycle, which includes help with eligibility verification, enhanced benefits checks, prior authorization, referral management, document capture, credentialing, coding, charge capture optimization and claims and denials management coding. These solutions are powered by AI, automation, workflow and workforce allocation technology, integrations and analytics.

Infinx clients have seen reduced staff 70-90 percent workload processing prior authorizations, 2 to 5 percent of their net patient revenue uplift and 20 percent above their net new collections by leveraging their technology.

“The healthcare system is full of complexities, but when hospitals and CIOs leverage advanced technology, it suddenly becomes more manageable. Workflows become more productive and revenue streams are increased with the help of these solutions,” said Tandon.

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About Infinx Healthcare

Infinx Healthcare works closely with providers to overcome their revenue cycle challenges by leveraging automation and intelligence to increase reimbursements for patient care delivered. Their Healthcare Revenue Cloud technology platform optimizes the payment lifecycle by leveraging AI, automation, analytics, integrations and intelligent workforce management. 

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Original Source: Black Book Research Names Infinx Healthcare as a Top 10 Vendor for RCM Software and Shortlists Their Predictive Analytics & Robotic Process Automation for 2023