Benefit the Elderly and Lead the Future, The 11th China Elderly Design&Innovation Competition Call for Entries Announced

Benefit the Elderly and Lead the Future, The 11th China Elderly Design&Innovation Competition Call for Entries Announced

SHANGHAI, April 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The 11th China Elderly Design&Innovation Competition announcement is officially released, with the aim of collecting entries from the whole society from today to June 30th this year. The competition is hosted by Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau and organized by Shanghai Intex Exhibition.

China Elderly Design&Innovation Competition has been successfully held for ten years, continuously optimizing and improving the design of the competition. A number of experts in this field are invited as judges and mentors of the competition, and the school system is included. The competition also expands support resources through multiple platforms and channels.

After more than ten years of accumulation and cultivation, the competition has achieved good results in the following aspects. From the pre-contest planning, the professional guidance during the contest, to the post-contest support, the competition has constituted a well-formed operation process in the whole society. Besides, the competition has enhanced the understanding of the younger generation on the well-being of the elderly and the elderly industry, and the previous competition has also attracted a group of primary and secondary school students, which shows that the influence of the competition and the concept of well-being are giving a vibrant life; the competition has now covered more than 10 countries, collecting more than 4,000 excellent works and projects, and has become a brand of senior well-being with international influence.

Among the previous collections, the electronic wheelchair K163N of Kangni Smart, which won the silver prize in the 9th Elderly Design&Innovation Competition. Originally engaging in the urban rail transportation industry, this company has developed wheelchair products by integrating high-speed rail technology. By penetrating into the elderly industry, this company has now become a supplier of community rental products for rehabilitation and assistive in Shanghai, and its brand influence is continuing to expand.

The 11th China Elderly Design&Innovation Competition will further optimize the competition system, schedule and other aspects. The following points of the competition can help companies get more involved into Chinese market. Firstly, the competition will strengthen resource supports for companies, including policy resource links, priority promotion within one year, free display in specific areas, media publicity support, financial services, capital matching support, intellectual property services, quality certification services, special support for implementation, and transformation for commercial use, etc.; secondly, the outstanding works of the competition will be selected and promoted professionally, which help enlarge the influence of both the works and companies.

Interested participants can read the announcement of this year’s competition in detail, choose the appropriate category, and register for the competition. This year’s competition is divided into two categories: design and innovation, to collect original and unique works from the whole society. The competition is led by Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau, aiming to build a bridge between the government and the market, promote the upgrading of the elderly industry, and inject new energy for the welfare of the whole society. For more information, participants can log in the website of Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau.

Holding kindness within our hearts, taking participation with creativity, we hope that this will benefit the elderly and lead the future. The well-being competition will rely on the advantages of innovation, deploy resources around the elderly industry and the assistive device industry, enhance people’s sense of achievement and happiness, and move forward with perseverance.

About China Elderly Design&Innovation Competition

China Elderly Design&Innovation Competition is a public welfare event sponsored by the government and operated socially. They have been successfully held for ten years since 2012, and have been influential both at home and abroad in terms of the number of participants, scale of the competition and the range of influence. This year’s competition will collect entries from the whole society from now until June 30th.

This year‘s competition will rely on a team of professional mentors to provide ten resource support to the finalist works. The competition will continue to play a role in launching the creativity of all people, encouraging innovation and helping entrepreneurship, further stimulating market vitality and promoting the well-being of the elderly.

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