Belvedere Museum – Klimt The Kiss NFTs come to New York for Valentine’s Day, 2024

Superchief Gallery, New York
14 – 18 February 2024

VIENNA and NEW YORK , Jan. 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — From The Kiss’ official home – the Belvedere Museum, Vienna – the unique offering presents the “ultimate declaration of love” for next-generation art enthusiasts and patrons.

The Belvedere Museum, Vienna, is pleased to present NFTs of their collection’s centrepiece – Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss (Lovers) (1908/9) – to New York audiences at Superchief Gallery from 14 –18 February 2024. In partnership with Nimi, the digital collectibles advisor and dedicated NFT platform for museums, this unique and enduring emblem of love offers the ultimate gift this Valentine’s Day.

10,000 limited-edition, individual pieces from this famed icon of romantic love have been created from a 100 x 100 grid, all of which are fully authenticated by the Belvedere Museum. Priced at $1,925, each tile may be dedicated to a loved one through the official site, signifying a new way to engage authentically with one of the world’s most recognized romance paintings and offering a swift, lasting, and powerful digital declaration of love this Valentine’s Day.

The New York opening marks the first US touchpoint for this exclusive offering, revolutionizing the Belvedere Museum’s fundraising outreach since its conception in 2022. Appealing to a new generation of collectors and art lovers alike, beyond offering a one-of-a-kind romantic gift through a dedicated webpage, the NFT enrols each buyer into an exclusive international community of collectors invited to exclusive events at the museum, and beyond. 

The accompanying The Kiss NFT presentation, which marks the museum’s first US event in partnership with Nimi, will be open to VIPs and buyers on Wednesday, 14th February 2024, at Superchief Gallery in New York City, before opening to the public from Thursday 15th through to Sunday 18th February 2024. The presentation will allow audiences to engage with the digital artworks in person, with a chance to interact with a 3D rendering of The Kiss‘ gallery room in the Belvedere and dedicated photo opportunities.

Wolfgang Bergmann, CFO of the Belvedere Museum, comments: 

“Our Klimt ‘The Kiss’ digital collectibles present the ultimate declaration of love this Valentine’s Day; considered one of the most famous paintings in the world – and arguably the centrepiece of the Belvedere’s collection covering 900 years of art history – buyers purchasing this unique gift acquire not only a digital part of an old-world romance, but an invite to future explorations into an enduring icon of love.”

Stella Rollig, General Director of the Belvedere Museum, comments:

“One of the first public museums in the world, the Belvedere has been a central stage for art for centuries. Through our ‘The Kiss’ NFTs, the Belvedere Museum is excited to be at the forefront of digital innovation in engaging new global audiences. Affirming our place as a thought-leader in the field, we hope this moment demonstrates how traditional museums can work in innovative ways to reach new generations of art lovers and collectors alike.”

Anh Nguyen, CEO of Nimi Collectibles, comments:

As museums globally seek to deepen the connection with millennial audiences while diversifying their fundraising avenues, digital collectibles have become a versatile and effective tool for storytelling, engagement and revenue generation. Belvedere Museum’s ‘The Kiss NFT’ is a great example of how a storied cultural icon connects the past, the present, and the future – expanding its supporter base to new audiences across over 50 countries just in the first 2 years of the project.”


Title: The Kiss NFT
Dates: February 14 to February 18, 2024, 12-6pm 
Address: Superchief Gallery, The Canvas 3.0 at THE OCULUS at the Westfield World Trade Center, NY 10007
Opening Event: 14 February 2024, 7pm at Superchief Gallery, NY 10007 – RSVP essential, invite only.

For all media inquiries, please contact.

Belvedere Public Relations
Irene Jäger, [email protected], +43 664 800 141 185

Pelham Communications
Emma Gilhooly, [email protected], +1 929 613 9790 
Youmna Sukkar, [email protected], +1 617 910 6321

The Kiss NFT

NFTs are available for purchase at a unit price of $1,925 (incl. minting costs and VAT) or 0.65 Ethereum (excl. minting costs, incl. VAT) on

The image segments will be assigned to individual buyers at random. This allocation takes place once a week, always on Fridays. 

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