Author William H. Green, D.V.M.’s New Book, ‘Doc, Were You Sleeping?’, is a Stirring Memoir of Interesting Animals and Their Owners From the Author’s Veterinary Career

Recent release "Doc, Were You Sleeping?" from Covenant Books author William H. Green, D.V.M. recounts various stories from the author's career running a rural veterinary hospital, and the various animals and humans he encountered. Full of years of experience and a healthy dose of humor, Dr. Green delivers a wonderful assortment of anecdotes that contain something for everybody to enjoy.

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William H. Green, D.V.M., a graduate of Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine, who established and operated a veterinary hospital for 27 years and worked as an advisor to students seeking admission to veterinary school, has completed his new book, "Doc, Were You Sleeping?": a fascinating and irreverent compilation of various situations the author encountered while operating a veterinary hospital, and the many people and animals that touched his life along the way.

"Each day (and night) brings surprises into a rural veterinarian's life, especially when he is a solo practitioner taking all calls, including emergencies while treating a myriad of animals and dealing with unique animal owners and characters," writes Dr. Green. "[I have] allowed readers of this book to get a glimpse of rural veterinary medicine while enjoying humorous and heartwarming stories. The stories in this book are sometimes unbelievable but definitely true. Days and nights were sometimes very long, and the work was frequently difficult. However, [I share my] feelings about how much [I] loved veterinary medicine and the rewards [I] received. [I am] now retired and enjoying more rest and sleep at a much slower pace without that dreaded phone call that began with 'Doc, were you sleeping?'"

Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, William H. Green, D.V.M.'s new book is a wonderful combination of wit and wisdom that explores the humanity in veterinary medicine, and how, despite its long hours, Dr. Green received just as much as he put into his work.

Readers can purchase "Doc, Were You Sleeping?" directly from the author, at an upcoming book signing event, at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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Original Source: Author William H. Green, D.V.M.'s New Book, 'Doc, Were You Sleeping?', is a Stirring Memoir of Interesting Animals and Their Owners From the Author's Veterinary Career