An Eagle Flew Over Beethoven’s Nest

An Eagle Flew Over Beethoven’s Nest

CÓRDOBA, Argentina, Feb. 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Petrushka Nature, a newly created YouTube channel run by Argentine video editor Nicolás Halaban, is on a mission to deliver content blending wildlife stock footage with classical music pieces in a beautiful collection of videos the channel has released (You can enjoy Petrushka Nature here: Its most ambitious project to date has been ‘Petrushka Underwater’, a colorful 7-minute ‘ocean ballet’ mixing Stravinsky’s Petrushka (Act I) and stock footage of sea creatures of all kinds.

Mighty sharks appearing on screen under the sound of drum bass, dolphins swimming to a flute melody, or stingrays moving swiftly as the violin notes play are some of the many scenes that will delight the audience of this short film. Halaban has done a titanic job assembling all those clips from different sources, mixing them with Stravinsky’s music, and turning it all into one coherent, huge piece of multimedia.

As for the music itself, Halaban says when speaking of Stravinsky’s (d. 1971) work: ‘The very style of his compositions makes it easier than with any other composer to attach a visual story to it. It’s hard to put into words, but it’s just the way it is. Stravinsky is a highly visual composer, so to speak.’ It makes sense after all when one thinks that the composer’s The Rite Of Spring (1913) was featured as one of the 15 songs that make up the movie ‘Fantasia’ created by Disney in 1940, and again Firebird in the 2000 Remake (Fantasia 2000). These movies have a somehow similar storytelling approach to Petrushka Underwater (blending image with music seamlessly and letting the music score lead the path). In fact, these movies ‘had a long-lasting effect on my psyche,’ says Halaban.

After this epic release, Petrushka Nature has also published over 10 YouTube shorts (60 seconds or less vertical videos), each featuring different nature themes: from eclipses to tornadoes to ants and elephants, all of them again unfolding to the tune of classical music. These shorts together form a colorful collection of high-quality YouTube content pieces, available on the channel’s Shorts tab.

‘The whole Petrushka project has been a rollercoaster, and I could not be happier with the end result,’ says Halaban. ‘I just want to make the world –and the internet- a little better place,’ he says.

At a time when both classical music and wildlife are quickly waning, this project is a breath of fresh air for the fostering of both. For all this, Petrushka Nature should be given a shot: It makes sense to stop for a few minutes to appreciate in a different light what is still left of these majestic kingdoms. And sigh in awe when faced with their beauty and power.

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