American Academy of Cosmetic Medicine Says Botox Training for Nurses Could Be a Better Career Path

Botox Training for Nurses May Be a Better Career Path Than Hospital Work, Says a Cosmetic Injection Training Program, AACM

AACM Cosmetic Injection Training

The lead injection trainers and students after the training courses.

 The American Academy of Cosmetic Medicine,, is a Botox and filler training program that offers courses and certification to medical professionals. Recently, AACM has seen a substantial influx of nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants signing up for its programs. One of the lead injection trainers, Dr. Javad Sajan, began wondering why so many were flooding his classes. 

Dr. Sajan stated, “While we love teaching nurses and helping medical professionals start a new career, we had to wonder why the numbers keep increasing. When I began asking students, almost everyone said they no longer want to be tied to a hospital where they feel overworked, underpaid, and completely limited in their abilities.”  

With many hospitals and medical facilities reporting record-low staff numbers, aesthetic medicine seems to be becoming a more viable career path. At AACM, nurses are learning how to masterfully inject Botox and filler and how to begin a career that allows for financial growth and personal freedom.

Botox and filler courses for nurses open up better opportunities and allow for a stable, fulfilling, and creative work environment. Nurses and medical professionals often lack work/life balance, adequate pay, and career flexibility. Aesthetic medicine is a great opportunity for nurses to work in a joyful environment that allows them to take care of themselves — and their personal lives. 

At AACM, students can enroll in beginner or advanced Botox/filler courses that lead to certification as a cosmetic injector. AACM also provides constant updates, conferences, and information on beginning a practice or growing your career.

One of its nurse students, Ashley Cortes, had this to say about AACM: “The classes are small and incredibly hands-on. The amount of information provided was way more than I even expected. Everything was really in-depth and informative. Everyone was wonderful.”   

While AACM and Dr. Sajan love helping medical professionals find new avenues or careers, they also worry about the impact this has on hospitals as a whole. 

Dr. Sajan said, “We enjoy what we do because we love helping students find their ideal career and stabilize their work/life balance. However, we must also advocate for our nurses before the staffing crisis worsens. Because I don’t think nurses are leaving for no reason — they simply want better opportunities and appreciation.” 

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