AccelByte Takes Steps to Democratize Game Development

AccelByte makes cross-platform, multiplayer backends accessible to game developers of all sizes.

With the goal of making AAA-quality game development tools available to all, AccelByte, a leading platform for game backend services, is taking steps to democratize the games industry. 

AccelByte Starter, now free in Early Access, is a streamlined version of the existing AccelByte backend platform already powering 50+ AAA studios, including Dreamhaven, Krafton, Volition, and Omeda. With AccelByte Starter, developers of any size can integrate 'plug-and-play' backend microservices to support cross-platform, multiplayer games within minutes. 

"We feel that opening our platform to creators of all sizes lowers the barrier to entry for what could be very successful games," said AccelByte CEO, Junaili Lie. He continued, "a reliable game backend is critical to growth for any multiplayer title. Existing platforms are unfortunately very rigid in forcing their specific design choices onto the developer. That's just simply not how the best games are made-and we think that creators of all sizes should have the option to build games they want rather than force-fitting game design to infrastructure constraints."

The AccelByte Gaming Services platform started as a private cloud offering designed for AAA studios. AccelByte Starter now distills lessons learned around scalability and extensibility into a public cloud offering intended for smaller, independent studios to quickly build, launch, and operate their titles. Studios can also upgrade from AccelByte Starter to the complete AccelByte Gaming Services offering (with dedicated LiveOps support) at any time.

AccelByte CEO, Junaili Lie, shares, "We believe that the games industry is better when there is a strong and diverse ecosystem of independent game studios. Supporting creators of all sizes is critical to the health of that ecosystem-and we want to make sure those smaller studios have access to the same tools AAA studios use to build increasingly complex and connected multiplayer titles." 

AGS Starter is completely free for studios of all sizes and supports up to 1 million player accounts and 50k monthly player hours across PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, Android, iOS, and Nintendo. Game developers interested in AGS Starter can start at

About AccelByte, Inc.

AccelByte is a massively scalable and extensible backend platform for live game services that helps creators focus on what matters most: making awesome games. The AccelByte platform powers lobby, friends, cross-platform matchmaking, cloud progression, and season pass, among other services. Founded in 2016, AccelByte was created by game industry veterans who have engineered online systems behind some of the largest platforms in the world, including Epic Online Store, Xbox Live, and EA Origin and is backed by SoftBank Vision Fund 2, Galaxy Interactive, NetEase, KRAFTON, Dreamhaven, and key angel investors. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @AccelByteInc.


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