A Crime The FBI Doesn’t Prosecute #shorts

A Crime The FBI Doesn’t Prosecute #shorts
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WHO: This channel is owned by Peter Combs of Gloucester Massachusetts, with over 40 years as a collector, dealer, appraiser, and antique auctioneer Peter has bought, sold and auctioned objects across a broad spectrum including of course Chinese and Asian Art, as well as fine American and European antiques, paintings, decorative accessories, folk art.

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About this channel.
Regular weekly and bi-weekly videos from Peter Combs and Bidamount about Asian art and the antique auction market. With an emphasis on fine art, auction news, and art news from numerous auction houses and online auction venues.
These videos focus extensively on the Chinese art market and the Japanese art market. Other videos cover the topics of understanding and identifying authentic Chinese porcelain, and Chinese bronze as well as information about the history of Chinese and Asian art. Visit Bidamount.com to learn more, join the ASIAN ART Forum and take advantage of the reference library filled with hundreds of auction catalogs and reference books on Fine Art, current art value by category, and links to museum collections.
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