A “Chinese New Year Flavor” Spring Festival Gala was held in Germany

WEIFANG, China, Jan. 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — This is a report from the Shandong Office of Hong Kong Business Daily. “The beauty was stunning, and this party with a strong Eastern charm gave me a special Chinese culture lesson,” sighed German student Louis Lockhart. At 7pm local time on January 22nd, a Spring Festival Gala with a strong Chinese New Year flavor kicked off in Munich, Germany.

Starting with the Weifang city promotional video “My Weifang”, the entire evening party has a distinct Chinese cultural connotation and typical Eastern charm: the song “Descendants of the Dragon” sings out the childlike heart of overseas Chinese people

“Flowers are blooming and the moon is full” and “Spring returns to the earth”… Full of Spring Festival couplets from the friendly city of Weifang, they have also been delivered to the hands of the on-site audience.

“Where there are Chinese, there is the Spring Festival. We hope that every audience can feel the blessings of our motherland thousands of miles away, and we also hope that the overseas influence of the” Spring Festival “culture will continue to grow.” The organizer and planner of the evening party, Yan Sikuan, Chairman of the Munich Student and Scholar Association, told reporters.

Another international student from Dusseldorf University in Weifang, Liu Yang, is a lover of classical poetry. During Chinese traditional festivals, in addition to sharing Zongzi, moon cakes and other delicacies with local students, he also tells stories of Chinese traditional festivals with poems.

China’s propositions have gained increasing recognition from countries and international organizations, and cooperation in economic, technological, and other fields is also becoming more extensive. Cultural exchanges cannot be absent.

“Chinese culture is a rich and diverse, vast and profound treasure trove. We attach great importance to leveraging the power of overseas students to promote Chinese culture to the world and let the world see today’s China,” said a staff member of the Weifang Foreign Propaganda Department. At present, Weifang City has established contacts with Chinese student associations from multiple countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom, organizing overseas Spring Festival Galas, university “China Day” and other activities, allowing Chinese cultural treasures to shine more brightly in the world.

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