3XP Gaming Expo Announces Full Lineup of Web3 Exhibitors

3XP Will Feature Live Esports Tournaments, Immersive Gameplay Booths and Networking Opportunities for Web3 Game Studios, Investors, and Gamers

3XP Web3 Gaming Expo

3XP Featured Web3 Games

The 3XP Web3 Gaming Expo powered by Game7 takes place at the Pasadena Convention Center in California June 8-9, bringing together a community of gamers, developers, content creators, and investors.

At 3XP, 60,000 square feet will be dedicated to immersive gameplay booths, live esports competitions, and panels consisting of web3 gaming thought leaders. The Esports Arena sponsored by Brave will boast a 5v5 gaming setup on stage, shoutcaster talent providing live commentary, and a community area with 20 gaming PCs for walk-up playtests.

Twitch streamers Yassuo (100 Thieves), BOBQIN (Team Liquid), Mang0 (Cloud9), Meteos (Cloud9), and Taki (Nouns Esports) will be competing against popular web3 content creators, including Brycent, Orangie, ClassyCrypto, Spike, CryptoStache, XBorg, Yellow Panther, and Alliestrasza. The Arena will be powered by Community Gaming's instant payment infrastructure, facilitating tournament payouts and quest rewards. 

3XP will feature dozens of exhibitors, including:

Horizon's Sequence is a prime sponsor and exhibitor at 3XP and attendees who visit the Sequence booth can experience some of the leading web3 games built with the platform, including Sunflower Land, Tower Conquest, and Skyweaver. If you're thinking about building your own web3 game, you can chat with product experts and learn how Sequence makes building web3 games easy with its smart wallet and all-in-one web3 developer stack. 

Avalanche's booth is being built to showcase a variety of games building on Avalanche. With over 100 games on the network, it's important to constantly show off new games and studios and to see why they chose Avalanche. Ava Labs is very excited to be sponsoring 3XP and be a part of building this industry from the ground up.

Visit the Immutable Games Booth and be one of the first players to get a hands-on look at two of the hottest new games on Immutable: MetalCore — Fight alongside your factions in an open-world, mechanized combat game that throws players on massive battlefields on a mineral-rich alien planet, and The Bornless — Visit the sinister town of Farmouth and play our immersive Free-to-Play Survival-Royale Horror.

Champions Ascension is an intense, high-stakes combat experience with an ever-expanding open world. With multiple battle modes, mini games, and AI-infused experiences as well as plans for PvE, UGC Gameplay, Champions is poised to take the gaming world by storm. Attendees will be able to meet the team and hear exclusive announcements right from the 3XP main stage.

Wildcard is a web3-enabled PVP collectible card MOBA for gamers, fans and collectors. During 3XP, you can visit the Wildcard booth where playtesting slots will be available, or watch the Wildcard streamer showdown on the Esports Arena stage.

Parallel is a next gen sci-fi franchise and trading card game that enables ownership of digital assets. Players can experience Parallel in person for the first time at 3XP and play alongside content creators in the arena.

Last Remains is the world's first AAA zombie battle royale built with digital ownership at the forefront. Pairing fun and exciting gameplay with innovative tokenomics, Last Remains is prepared to deliver an experience that both web3 and web2 gamers will love. 

Aurory is a next-generation entertainment franchise anchored in innovative, free-to-play, web3 gaming experiences. The Aurory team is actively building out an immersive platform consisting of multiple interoperable games, mini-games and dApps, where players can hatch, trade and battle collectible creatures called Nefties. 

Horizon's Skyweaver is a pioneering free-to-play digital trading card game where players can securely trade, sell or give their cards away, just like physical trading cards. There's more than 600 unique cards with special abilities that allow players to build diverse decks that fit any playstyle. Come and meet the CM at the Esports Arena and play the game. Skyweaver is powered by Sequence for a seamless user-friendly web3 experience, and 3XP visitors can meet the Sequence team at Booth #301.

My Pet Hooligan — A rich, growing entertainment ecosystem, founded by industry veterans, steeped in lore, powered by new innovative technology and backed by one of the strongest communities in the space. Play MPH at the 3XP Esports Arena and meet the team at their dedicated booth.

The Machines Arena — The Machines Arena is a top-down hero shooter where players clash in adrenaline-fueled combat. Compete against other players in explosive PvP matches, work together to beat your opponents or try your hand in PvE modes such as Death Run. All digital collectibles in Machines Arena will need to be earned through game before being minted on Ronin Network.

Deadrop — We are excited to announce that DEADROP will be one of the featured games in the Esports Arena at 3XP. DEADROP is a high-octane, in-development Vertical Extraction Shooter set in a dystopian world with '80s grunge vibes.

Megaweapon delivers fast and frenzied PvP action to gamers around the world. Combining classic game modes with a BIG twist, Megaweapon will keep you coming back for more as you seek to master its simple mechanics and defeat your opponents. Come meet the team and be one of the first to participate in the Open Beta experience which officially launches at 3XP.

"We believe all games will eventually include open economies that empower gamers with digital property rights," said Chris Gonsalves, co-founder of 3XP. "We're extremely proud to be showcasing this incredibly high-quality roster of games and give the world a preview of the future of gaming."

To learn more about the 3XP, including the agenda of speakers, visit 3XP.gg and follow on Twitter @3XPgg.

About 3XP Web3 Gaming Expo

3XP's mission is to accelerate the growth and success of the web3 gaming industry by bringing together innovative content and industry pioneers. 3XP offers a unique opportunity for attendees to immerse themselves in the future of gaming through live esports tournaments, interactive gameplay booths, and networking opportunities for studios, investors, and gamers. 

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