2023 Taiwan Design Expo: A Grand Unveiling of Innovative Artistry in New Taipei City

NEW TAIPEI CITY, Nov. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In its inaugural showcase in New Taipei City on October 6th, the 2023 Taiwan Design Expo emerged as a groundbreaking event in the world of design and art. This prestigious expo, a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the New Taipei City Government, brought together an eclectic mix of hundreds of artists to craft five distinct exhibition areas. Capturing the unique essence of 29 administrative districts and their local industries, the 17-day expo drew an impressive crowd of 6.58 million visitors.

The theme for this year’s edition, “O,” is a symbolically rich choice, embodying versatility as both a verb and an adjective. This theme serves as a dynamic link, connecting various cities, cultures, and ethnic groups, and portraying the diverse tapestry of New Taipei. The expo’s heart was at the New Taipei City Art Museum and various venues in Yingge District, where the main exhibition areas were strategically positioned. These included the Circular Line, Public Line, Echo Event, and City ReDesign. Each zone uniquely contributed to a cohesive narrative, celebrating the transformative charm and innovative spirit of New Taipei City’s design ethos.

New Taipei City Art Museum’s Main Exhibition: A Tribute to the Diverse Landscapes Shaped by Mountains and Rivers

In ‘When Mountains and Rivers Start,’ visitors are invited on a distinctive sensory journey within the towering 12-meter high main exhibition space of the New Taipei City Art Museum. This immersive experience artfully combines large-scale installations, an impressive collection of cultural artifacts, and the interactive majesty of a giant stone array. The exhibition vividly showcases the geographical diversity of New Taipei City, an area enveloped by the natural beauty of mountains and rivers. Further enhancing this visual odyssey, the exhibition features thematic areas like ‘Nature O,’ ‘Making O,’ ‘Circular O,’ and ‘Trendy O.’ Each section offers a unique lens on design and innovation. On weekends, the ‘Food in Circle’ exhibit transforms into a hub of activity. This exclusive showcase highlights the diverse culinary culture of New Taipei City, inviting visitors on a gastronomic journey that captivates both the taste buds and the palate with its array of local flavors and culinary traditions.

Additionally, the outdoor area of the New Taipei City Art Museum hosted ‘Echooo,’ a nightly light and shadow performance. This event featured interactive installations on the grass, encouraging visitor engagement. During national holidays, the experience was enhanced with a special nighttime fireworks show, adding to the sensory spectacle.

SOURCE Cultural Affairs Department, New Taipei City

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