1st OPUS Launches First US Entertainment Fintech Platform Providing Entertainment, Payments, and Lifestyle

Almost all of us are familiar with neobanks, or digital banks. But a platform for entertainment, payments, and lifestyle? Can a neobank be fun? And provide new benefits for freelancers and the global creative community, including artists, creatives and entertainers?

1st OPUS launches digital platform

Entertainment, Payments, Lifestyle

When neobanking finally arrived in the US, 30 million people were on board within less than five years. A bank with a great digital app? User-friendly? No-fee digital wallet transfers? FDIC insured?     

Consumers replied: "I'M IN"


With 65% of customers preferring banking through a mobile app - the highest of any other form of bank interaction according to a recent 2021 Temenos Survey (https://www.temenos.com/news/2021/07/27) - it is no surprise that neobanks are successful in the United States. Just four out of 10 customers like walking into a bank branch for services. Yet physical locations make up a large percentage of banking costs. As everyone needs banking services, with hundreds of millions of traditional banking accounts in the U.S., there is a large opportunity for neobanks.


For the last 25+ years, all Americans have been experiencing digital transformations. Transformations to digital assets, digital money, digital experiences, digital apps. Yet most people, businesses and industries are not quite there yet. Banking is one such industry. Today's business world drives a gig lifestyle that requires banking and instant transactions across the globe with fast access to funds. Customers are demanding better payment apps, driving the growth of neobanking as one of the global solutions. 


Today's latest trend in neobanking is the evolution from general banking to platforms built for specific audiences. 

The pandemic simultaneously created bigger problems for artists, creatives, entertainers, and freelancers, including fewer existing employment opportunities, and more new short-term employers. Gig careers continue to become more prevalent with more than 50% of Gen Z participating in the gig economy. 

Clearly a new solution is needed. Large neobanks are built for the masses. But what can be done to support artists? In 2021, the founders behind 1st OPUS started building a solution for ACE: Artists, Creatives, Entertainers, and Freelancers globally.


1st OPUS is a platform offering entertainment, payments, and lifestyle. Founded on the idea that banking services should be safe, secure, easy, and fun, 1st OPUS founders created a brand that customers want to do business and identify with. "By artists for artists" is more than a tagline. 1st OPUS believes that artists, creatives, entertainers, musicians, freelancers and their fans and followers deserve access to great banking solutions. 

"1st OPUS is not a bank. With our partners, we work with banks to provide banking services. We work with licensed financial institutions to offer member-first financial products. And we collaborate with project managers to provide great payment services through payment networks. By partnering with experts, we create better, lower-cost options for everyday Americans. And in our case, we focus on artists, creatives, entertainers, freelancers and their fans and followers who are not always served well by traditional banks. We help drive innovation while making payments easy and fun." - JC Eenshuistra, CEO, 1st OPUS Inc.

1st OPUS - by artists for artists

"We created 1st OPUS because we believe everyone deserves a payments brand that represents them and provides financial peace of mind. We're building a new kind of online platform that helps members by making pursuing their dreams easier." - Walter Afanasieff, one of the founders and ambassadors with 40+ years experience in entertainment and show business.

1st OPUS - supported by entertainment icons

Stay tuned for more news, as more founders and supporters of 1st OPUS are revealed, including known and respected members in entertainment industries, including filmmakers, producers, composers, comedians, fashion and sports representatives, and even big talent agencies.

1st OPUS is a consumer brand and not a bank

Banking services are provided by Metropolitan Commercial Bank; Member FDIC.

The 1st OPUS Prepaid Visa Card is issued by Metropolitan Commercial Bank (Member FDIC) pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. "Metropolitan Commercial Bank" and "Metropolitan" are registered trademarks of Metropolitan Commercial Bank.

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